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 Teaching Staff

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Name Courses ext. Website
Angie Barney Art & History of Floriculture I, II 2230 site
Brad Bitter Power Mech I & II, AG Wood 2442 site
Kassie Dewey Sustainable AG Biology, AG Comm. 2248 site
Brian Evans AG Mech, Welding, AG Wood I, II 2451 site
Terra Raggio Vet Science I, II, Sustainable AG Bio 2231 site
Bailey Riedel Intro to Plant & Animal, Soil Chem, AG Systems 2280 site

Arts (VAPA)
Name Courses ext. Website
Edward Stewart Art I 2302 site
Emily Styles Keyboard, Choir, Band, Music App 2227 site
Tina Spivey Art II, & III, AP Studio, Stained Glass 2229 site

Business & Culinary
Name Courses ext. Website
Melanie Horn Digital Media, Info Tech, Yearbook 2234 site
Stephani Stienstra Culinary I & II, Family Lvg 2235 site
Diana Starn Info Tech, Web Design I, II, Exploring Computer Science 2233 site

Foreign Language
Name Courses ext. Website
Younes Benomar Spanish II, AP Spanish. AP Support 2226 site
Alma Contreras Spanish I, II, II 2291 site
Melanie Labendeira Spanish I 2261 site

Language Arts
Name Courses ext. Website
Jonathan Florence Eng 12, ERWC 2218 site
Katy Ann Garcia Eng 9, ELD III 2286 site
Bob Galloway Eng 9(H), Eng 10(H), Creative Writing 2222 site
Kim Kutzner Eng 11, AP Lang, AP Literature 2236 site
Joey Retton Eng LD 1,2,3,4,5 Eng LD 1&2 Lab 2281 site
Alisha Taylor Eng 9, Eng 10 2274 site
Ashley Wiens Eng 10, Eng 11 2285 site

Name Courses ext. Website
Sandra Barragan Math III, Math III(H) 2250 site
Danielle Chapman Statisticss, AP Statistics 2262 site
John Henson Cons Math, Math I 2263 site
Sherri Moses Math I, Math II 2246 site
Tom Rose Math II, Pre-Calc, AP Calc 2282 site
Alexandra Schneider Math I & II (H), Math II 2303 site
Sandra Torrence Math I 2257 site

Physical Education
Name Courses ext. Website
Greta Knoblauch Life Skills, Health 2+2 2258 site
Martin Carvalho Strength/Cond, PE I 2238 site
LeNeah Mersman PE II 2239 site
Tauheedah Smith PE I, PE II, Adv PE 2264 site

Name Courses ext. Website
Shane Johnson General Science, Biology 2248 site
Savannah Linhares General Science 2253 site
Bryan Powell Chemistry, AP Chemistry 2255 site
Sandra Seals Physics, ASB, Link Crew 2290 site
Georgine Sullivan AP Biology, Biology 2254 site

Social Science
Name Courses ext. Website
Holly Crivelli Civics/Econ, AP US Hist, Gov, TAPs 2287 site
Todd Keogh World Hist, US History 2289 site
Danielle Ross Reading 9, Pyschology, AP Psych, Peer Counseling 2259 site
Mark Storelli AP Euro, AVID, Aca Decathlon 2260 site
William Turner World Hist, US History 2273 site
Ricardo Yanez US History, Econ/Civics 2288 site

Special Education
Name Courses ext. Website
Julie Burton Eng 9-12, Civics/Econ, Trans Skills 2301 site
Ong Moua Gen Math 1-2, Math 1&2 2304 site
Pam Witten Gen Sci, Bio, World U.S. History 2284 site

Alternative Education
Name Courses ext. Website
Mary Freitas Gateway, Independent Study 2243 site
Will Gearhart Gateway, Independent Study 2244 site
Lindsey Surina Independent Study 665-5684 n/a site

Office Staff

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Name Position ext. Website
Justin Miller Principal 2209 site
Patrick Nolan Asst Principal Curriculum & Instruction 2237 site
Doreen Castillo Asst Principal Discipline & Attendance 2206 site
Jordan Murphy Athletic Director 2266 site
Debbie Herzog Director of Special Projects 2259 site
Michelle Irwin Principal of Alternative Education   site
Karina Plascencia Special Education Psychological Services Coordinator 2223 site

Pupil Services
Name Position ext. Website
Karla Lopez Director of Guidance (A-F &
Class of 2021 Avid Students)
2210 site
Priscilla Ramirez Guidance Counselor (P-Z) 2208 site
Patricia Martinez Guidance Counselor (G - O) 2247 site
Sandra Seals Student Activities Director 2229 site

Name Position ext.
Sheila Romeri Secretary to the Principal, Sub Line 2201
Gabby Depree Registrar, Aeries 2202
Monica Martinez Attendance Clerk 2204
Jennifer VanTassel Office Clerk, Student Bills, Lunch Apps 2221
Laura Rodriguez Office Clerk, Independent Studies 2203
Chere Willet Alternative Education Registrar 665-5683

Name Position ext.
Zulay Acosta Family Liaison/ Bilingual Instructional Aide 2272
Gabriela Cobian Bilingual Instructional Aide 2201
Kris Bushong Library Technician 2224
Elizabeth Cross Instructional Aide 2201
Jenny Guire Speech Volunteer 2201
Jenny Harrell Instructional Aide 2201
Armando Ramirez Bilingual Instructional Aide 2201
Camille Sanders-Pinto Instructional Aide 2201

Information Technology
Name Position ext. Website
Travis Hegerle IT Director n/a site
Nick Jakobczak Computer Technician 2292 site
Forrest Seale Computer Technician n/a n/a
  IT Work Orders, Help Desk   site

District Personnel
Name Position ext.
Ron Seals Superintendent 2216
Jeanette Walls Admim Asst to Superintendent, Board Agenda 2211
Maggie Yamasaki Director of Human Resources 2215
Kate Knutson Director of Finance 2214
Janelle Maddalena Payroll, Insurance 2232
Holly House Accounts Payable, District PO's 2212
Peggy Haupt ASB, Accounts Receivable 2213