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Alternative Education
Nondiscriminatory Statement
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Kristine Van Vleck
Ag Economics & American Government
Internships in Agriculture
Chowchilla High School > Teachers > Kristine Van Vleck > Internships in Agriculture

Welcome to Internships in Agriculture and the beginning of a great experience. Each day you will be expected to show dedication, integrity, honesty, loyalty and leadership. You will learn basic business concepts, customer service skills, employability skills, and leadership skills. You will train at a local business, create an employability portfolio, and obtain “hands-on” training.

Topic of Study

While in this course, you will learn:

  • Overview of business functions and concepts
  • Safety
  • Employability Portfolio
  • Career Opportunities
  • Work Ethics
  • Interpersonal, written, and oral communication
  • Office etiquette
  • Telephone techniques
  • Computer applications
  • Customer service

Grading Policy

            Tests/Quizzes/Projects/Timecards          50%

            Class Participation/Assignments 30%

            FFA Activities                                        10%

            SAE                                                     10%


Cheating and Plagiarism will not be tolerated. First infraction will result in a zero on the assignment, two Guided Studies, phone call home, and referral to Assistant Principal. Second infraction will result in a zero on the assignment, four Guided Studies, referral to Assistant Principal, and parent conference with recommendation of removal from class. If you need help, I am always available.

Cell phones, iPods, and other electronic devices

These items are not permitted at any time during class or in between periods. If they are out and I see it, I will confiscate from you. Make sure they are off and away. If someone needs to get a hold of you, they must call the office. This includes using the restroom, if you use your phone I will confiscate it. There is no reason what so ever for you phone to be on and out.

Food and Drink

There will be times that we will be working in the computer lab, when this occurs at no time are foods or drink allowed in the lab, please finish everything prior to entering the room. Tardies will be given if you are not done when the bell rings. Thank you in your cooperation to help keep the room clean.


All students will save any work on weblockers and not on the student directory at school. Weblockers is found at If you do not remember your login and password, it will be given to you.

Research Paper

You will be required to write a research paper in the fall semester. The requirement for the class is 3 pages, if you need a paper for your TAP binder, you may extend your paper to 6 to meet the requirements for TAP. When we get closer to the paper, you will receive further information.

Late Work

When I assign work, I will tell you when it is due; the Chowchilla Union High School Board policy is that late work will not be accepted after 7 days.  If you know you will be gone when an assignment is due, you must turn it in prior to being gone to receive credit.

Class Schedule


            Aug 16-Oct 1                 class every day

            Oct 4-Dec 14     *class every Monday, job sites Tues- Fri

Jan 3-Jan 21                  class every day

Jan 24-Jun 2                  *class every Monday, job sites Tues-Fri

*These dates may changed depending on whether or note all required paperwork and assignments are finished prior to being released to work.

Time Cards

Time cards are due each Monday for the previous week.  Time cards must be filled out completely with all proper signatures to receive credit. Remember I have signatures on file. Attached is the time card schedule. Late time cards will receive ½ credit and will not be accepted after 7 days.

Student Organization

By enrolling in Internships in Agriculture, you are automatically a member of FFA. As a member of FFA, you are required to participate in three activities each semester. The FFA is a very active club on campus and you will have many activities to choose from.

Work Permit

For those students with jobs, or who may obtain a job, a current work permit must be on file with the school and a copy must be given to me. If your work permit expires, you will remain on campus working for me until it is taken care of.

Job Site Visits

I will visit job sites on a regular basis, these will not be prearranged. If you are not at your site and working when I stop by, you will be removed and working for me on campus.


Students whom have their own transportation may only transport themselves to their job site. At no time do you have permission to transport any student off campus during school hours. If you are reported as transporting a student off campus, you will lose your privilege to leave campus and a job will be found for you on campus.

Extra Credit

You have the opportunity to earn extra points for up to 2 activities beyond the required 3 per semester.

You’re Fired!

These are two words you don’t want to hear. Situations that you may hear these words are: assignment not completed and turned in when due, timecards constantly being late, not showing up at your job site or behavior issues. If you hear those words, you will be assigned one Guided Study with me.