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Alternative Education
Nondiscriminatory Statement
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Kristine Van Vleck
Ag Economics & American Government
Internships in Agriculture

Welcome to Leadership/Link Crew and the beginning of a great experience. Each day you will be expected to show dedication, integrity, honesty, loyalty and leadership. Students for this course have been selected through an application process, therefore having already shown great interest in being a part of the CUHS student leaders. 

Topic of Study

While in this course, you will learn:

·         Team Work

·         Communication

·         Goal Setting

·         Responsibility

·         Initiative

·         Cooperation

Grading Policy


            Tests/Quizzes/Activity Projects   50%

            Class Participation/Attendance               30%

            Class Work/Activity Planning      20%


Cheating and Plagiarism will not be tolerated. First infraction will result in a zero on the assignment, two Guided Studies, phone call home, and referral to Assistant Principal. Second infraction will result in a zero on the assignment, four Guided Studies, referral to Assistant Principal, and parent conference with recommendation of removal from class. If you need help, I am always available.

Cell phones, iPods, and other electronic devices

These items are not permitted at any time during class or in between periods. If they are out and I see it, I will confiscate from you. Make sure they are off and away. If someone needs to get a hold of you, they must call the office. This includes using the restroom, if you use your phone I will confiscate it. There is no reason what so ever for you phone to be on and out.

Food and Drink

At no time will you be allowed to eat during class time.  However, you may have bottled water.  Please finish everything prior to entering the room. Tardies will be given if you are not done when the bell rings. Thank you in your cooperation to help keep the room clean.

Late Work

When I assign work, I will tell you when it is due; the Chowchilla Union High School Board policy is that late work will not be accepted after 7 days.  If you know you will be gone when an assignment is due, you must turn it in prior to being gone to receive credit.

Student Organization

By enrolling in Leadership/Link Crew, you committed yourself to being a role model for the CUHS student body.  Positive classroom attitude is vital for the success of the class and school year.  I encourage all students to show positive reinforcement for all new and old ides that come up in class.  There will be a variety of class activities you will participate in throughout the year, as well as, class assignments.  For all the activities and assignments you will receive points that will count toward your grade.  You have chosen to be in a class that requires extra time on your part.  You will receive credit for all of the activities that you prepare, plan, and attend.