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Sean Hennessy
PE & Strength and Conditioning
Physical Education 1
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Chowchilla Union High School
Physical Education Policies
2010 - 2011

            The Chowchilla Union High School Physical Education Department would like to welcome you to our school.  Our physical education department is excited to meet and teach each of you lifelong mental, social, emotional, and physical skills.  It is our hope that all students will experience activities they will use throughout their lives with confidence and proficiency.

            This introduction to our department’s policies will help both students and parents to understand the requirements for a successful year in physical education.


            Students will be assigned lockers during the first week of school.  Locks and lockers will be assigned to all physical education students.  These lockers are to be used ONLY during physical education class and sharing lockers is prohibited.  The use of the large lockers is allowed during the student’s respective physical education class only.  Clothes left in a long locker after the class period will be confiscated.


            Students are provided a combination lock for their physical education lockers.  Students will be charged a deposit of $5.00 that is refundable upon exit from the PE class.  NO KEY LOCKS WILL BE ACCEPTED AND WILL BE REMOVED IMMEDIATELY!  The student who fails to return the lock will not have the $5.00 deposit returned, and this also includes damaged or stolen locks.


            The required physical education uniform consists of the CUHS PE T-Shirt, CUHS PE shorts, socks, and athletic shoes.  Sweatshirts are also recommended.  No boots, high heeled tennis shoes, platform shoes, or hiking shoes are allowed.  Students are not permitted to share physical education clothing.

            It is required that all students write their first initial and last name (no nicknames) on all physical education clothing in permanent black ink.  This will help identify lost or stolen articles of clothing and in reducing the number of thefts.  All students are required to dress out, even if they are on restricted participation for a valid medical reason, at which time they will receive instruction for an alternative assignment.

Non-Suits:  Students who are not properly dressed out for their PE classes will receive a 50% reduction in their participation points.

  • Students who are wearing street clothes under their physical education uniforms will be assessed as non-suits.
  • Students in partial uniforms will be assessed as non-suits.
  • Students not wearing proper shoes will be assessed as non-suits.


            Due to the nature of the physical education environment, students are required to be in class to obtain credit.  However, we are aware that there are occasions when an absence is imminent.  In these instances, it is the student’s responsibility to complete the makeup work required for their absence.  Students will not be allowed to make up any work due to cuts, truancy, unexcused absences, referrals, non-participation, non-suits, or unexcused tardies.   All makeup work must be completed within the same amount of time as the absence.  Therefore, if the absence was for three days then there are three days allowed for the makeup work.  Participation points will be deducted in agreement with the CUHS attendance policy.


Tardiness is assessed by:

  • not being in the locker room before the tardy bell rings (may result in being locked out);
  • being out of roll order;
  • wandering during roll;
  • not being out of the locker room for roll call on time. 

Students who are tardy (unexcused) will receive a 50% reduction in their participation points.

Medical Conditions:

            Students with a short term doctor’s note may make up the participation with their assigned teacher.  If possible, pupils will be given modified physical education according to their doctor’s instructions.

Parental Notes:

            Parent notes are honored for up to three (3) consecutive calendar days for illness or injury only.  Students are responsible for making contact with their instructor to make up class work for credit.  These students will still be required to dress for class because they may be able to complete alternative assignments.  All notes must be written by the parent or guardian and include a phone number for verification purposes.

            The physical education staff at Chowchilla High believes that if a student is well enough to be at school, then they are well enough to participate in class.  If the student is injured or sick beyond three calendar days, a doctor’s note will be required.


            Due to the nature of the physical education class, participation is required and is subsequently a considerable portion of the grade.  Grades are also assessed through the student’s physical skill, effort, fitness level, and various written assignments and tests.  The academic grades are determined as follows:

Physical Education I, II & Strength & Conditioning Classes

  • Participation                              30%
  • Physical Skill                            20%
  • Fitness Skill                              20%
  • Class Written Work                    15%
  • Final Examination                      15%

The District Grading Policy is as follows:

  • 100% to 90%                             A
  • 89% to 80%                              B
  • 79% to 70%                              C
  • 69% to 60                                 D
  • 59% and below                          F

Citizenship Grades:

            Tardiness, truancies, unexcused absences, attitude, suspensions, referrals, sportsmanship, and non-suits comprise the citizenship grade.  Citizenship grades will be lowered one whole letter grade for each non-suit within a nine-week grading period.


            We have a zero tolerance policy concerning profanity.  Students who choose to use profane language will be subject to immediate guided study or administrative referral without the option of a verbal warning or parental contact.  However, parental contact will be made immediately.




            The physical education department will address the need for discipline as it arises.  However, the normal progression of discipline will be as follows:

1st Instance:                   Verbal Warning

2nd Instance:                  Parental Notification

3rd – 6th Instance:           Guided Study

7th & Up:                        Administrative Referral

Food & Drink:

            Food, drinks, and gum are NOT allowed in the locker room or on the facility grounds.  No glass is allowed in the locker room; this includes perfume and cosmetics.  ONLY water or replenishment drinks will be allowed to drink during physical education classes.


            No hoop or dangling earrings, watches, or rings may be worn.  Watches may be worn on run days with the permission of the instructor.  NO facial jewelry may be worn during the physical education class.  Medical ID bracelets are acceptable, please notify the instructor of any existing medical conditions.


            Inclement weather will be determined by the individual instructor.  If necessary, classes will be held indoors and alternative assignments may be given.  Students will dress for class and should bring paper and a writing instrument with them to class.

            Students may be required to be outside during cold weather.  Sweat shirts and pants are recommended.  Thin cotton gloves may be worn, but bulky gloves or mittens are unacceptable.  Thermal shirts may be worn.  During extreme weather conditions the individual instructor may allow coats.  Beanies may be worn during cold weather ONLY.


            We would appreciate any questions or concerns brought to our attention.  We are looking forward to working with your children and we welcome parental involvement.  If you wish to be a parent volunteer on our campus, please call our parent volunteer coordinator.  We have a variety of activities planned to give each student a varied physical educational experience.

            Should you need to contact your child’s instructor, we can be reached at the following extensions:

Mrs. Mersman               Ext. 239
Mr. Hennessey              Ext. 238
Mrs. Gaines-Smith         Ext. 239/280

Theft & The Locker Rooms

            The Chowchilla Physical Education department strives to ensure that the locker room is a secure facility.  It is your student’s responsibility to secure all personal items and possessions with a lock in his or her assigned locker.  The staff of CUHS will secure the locker room upon leaving and there will be no students allowed into the locker room during the period for any reason.

            In order to lessen the chance of uniform theft, all students are required to write their last name and first initial on the designated spot on the shirt and the bottom left leg of the shorts.  If a student is found to be wearing another student’s uniform, the school’s administration will be called and the incident will be investigated as a theft.  DO NOT SHARE UNIFORMS WITH ANY OTHER STUDENT!

In the event of a theft, the staff of the school cannot be held responsible for such a loss and will not be able to provide search services.  A police report may be taken, but the victim must be able to provide a serial number and description of the missing item(s).  Together, we will practice diligence in maintaining the security of the locker room, but it will take all of us working for the same goal to achieve this standard.

Syllabus Disclaimer:

            A syllabus is a guide to course procedures on attendance, requirements, grading, and structure.  The instructor reserves the right to amend the syllabus when circumstances dictate.  Students will be notified accordingly.


            Please sign and return the last sheet of this syllabus by August 23, 2010.  Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this course, please feel free to contact your student’s instructor at (559) 665-1331:

Mrs. Mersman                       Ext. 239
Mr. Hennessey                      Ext. 238
Mrs. Gaines/Smith                Ext. 239/280

Or email us at: