Classroom Teachers, Distance Learning, Fall 2020

Adam Anaya: Gateway, Independent Study
Angie Barney: Environmental Horticulture, Floral Design, Floral Design 2, Floral Sales, Supervised Agricultural Experience
Sandra Barragan: Pre-Calculus, Math III Honors, Math III, Math I Honors
Younes Benomar: Advanced Placement Spanish, Spanish II, Child Development
Brad Bitter: Agricultural Communications, Advanced Small Engines, Small Gas Engines, Supervised Agricultural Experience
Martin Carvalho: Advanced Physical Education, Physical Education I, Walking, Principles of Strength and Conditioning 
Alma Contreras: Spanish III, Spanish I
Deneva Contreras: World History, United States History
Katlyn Cook: English 11, English 10
Brian Evans: Advanced Welding, Welding Fabrication, Intermediate Woodshop, Basic Woodshop, Introduction to Agricultural Mechanics, Supervised Agricultural Experience
Mary Freitas: English 12, English 11, English 10, English 9, General Math 2, General Math 1, Transition Skills
Bob Galloway: English 9 Honors, English 9, Yearbook Production
Sabrina Gamboa: English 10 Honors, English 9
Adrian Garcia: History 17A, United States History, Geography
Will Gearhart: Gateway, Independent Study
Jenny Harrell: Civics, Economics, General Math 3, General Math 2, General Math 1, Transition Skills
John Henson: Consumer Math
Melanie Horn: English 11, Creative Writing
Todd Keogh: Advanced Placement Government, Civics, Economics
Greta Knoblauch: Food & Nutrition, Culinary 1
Kim Kutzner: English 1A, Advanced Placement English Literature, Advanced Placement English Language, English 12
Melanie Labendeira: Spanish II, Spanish I
Aaron Lescroart: English 12, English 10
Savannah Linhares: Biology Honors, Biology
Dallas Lockhart: Health 2+2, Life Skills
Kelly Lopes: Work 40, Agriculture Systems Management, Sustainable Agriculture Biology Honors, Sustainable Agriculture Biology, Supervised Agricultural Experience
Kaitlin Lord: Agriculture & Soil Chemistry, Large Animal Care, Small Animal Care, Animal Husbandry, Supervised Agricultural Experience
Alec Martinez: Math IA, Math I
Sherri Mendonca: Statistics, Math II Honors, Math II
LaNeah Mersman: Physical Education II, Physical Education I
Heather Opfergelt: Chemistry, Biology
Bryan Powell: Physics Honors, Chemistry Honors, Chemistry
William Price: Advanced Digital Media Production, Digital Media Production, Information Technology
Shane Raggio: Advanced Placement Biology, Biology, Anatomy, Physiology
Alexandra Ramirez: Advanced Placement Psychology, Psychology
Joey Retton: English Language Development 3, English Language Development 2, English Language Development 1
Tom Rose: Advanced Placement Calculus, Math II
Sandra Seals: Associated Student Body Leadership, Link Crew
Tauheedah Smith: Advanced Physical Education Team, Physical Education II, Physical Education I
Tina Spivey: Advanced Placement Art, Stained Glass, Three Dimensional Design, Ceramics
Diana Starn: Advanced Placement Computer Science, Exploring Computer Science, Information Technology
Edward Stewart: Art II, Art I
Mark Storelli: Advanced Placement European History, World History
Emily Styles: Band, Choir, Music Keyboarding. Piano
Lindsay Surina: Independent Study
Sandra Torrence: Math 1A, Math 1
Jordan Tripp: Biology, Chemistry, United States History, Transition Skills
Ricardo Yanez: Advanced Placement United States History, United States History, Economics