Senior Salutation Information

We are offering 20 pages of Senior Salutations. 


Celebrate your graduating senior’s achievement by saluting them in the Yearbook.

A published full color set of your favorite photos and your inspirational message to your senior in their 2022 Yearbook is a great way to commemorate their achievement. 

Senior Salutation Deadline: 

20 pages sold, or Friday, December 17, 2021 at noon (whichever comes first). 

Once 20 pages are sold, no more purchases will be accepted. 

Your purchase will only be complete once your senior has submitted:

  • Your photos
  • Your inspirational salutation message
  • Your full cash payment (We no longer accept personal checks)

to Mr. Galloway in Room 901.

Photos must be submitted to Mr. Galloway in Room 901 on photo paper suitable for scanning.

All photos must meet the following criteria:

Attire must meet the CUHS Dress Code (athletic wear / modest swimsuits are permitted).

If the activity in the photo would not be allowed at school, it won’t be in the Yearbook.

Baby photos? Yes! Naked baby photos? NO!

Artistic and filtered photos are acceptable, but they should be in focus.


For more information, Email