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Sherri Mendonca,

Mathematics Instructor

         ...just in case you were wondering who I am, I thought I should introduce myself.                                              


I have been teaching mathematics for over two decades in the high school setting and I have been teaching adults for over four years.  My favorite part of teaching is definitely when the students are always ready to learn and focused on reaching their educational goals.

I'm also extremely interested in traveling every chance I get.  My first trip leaving California was to live in England on a semester abroad program with MJC when I was just twenty years old. I'm sure this experience is what led me to my obsession with travel and now I have been overseas about twenty or so times.  I take students on group trips every summer as well as my own personal trips to discover new horizons.

I am looking forward to working with you this year and getting to know who you are on this journey.

 You can find my website at

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Sherri Mendonca
Mathematics Department
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