Principal   Assistant Principal, Dora Medina-Brum
  Dora Medina-Brum


Dear Students, Parents/Guardians, Teachers, Staff, and Community,

It is with great pleasure and excitement to be a part of the Chowchilla Tribe! I am honored to accept the new role as Assistant Principal. I want to welcome all of you for the 2020-2021 school year. I am eager to meet and work with each one of you. 

I have been in education for over 20 years. I have taught and worked with students in grades K-12. My experience includes teaching in the classroom working with diverse and special populations, such as court and community schools, special education, and English Language Learners. I have spent the last five years counseling students while learning to become an administrator. I am fortunate to expand my role with CUHSD.  

My educational philosophy and focus are on the whole child. A whole child is curious, creative, caring, empathetic, and confident. I believe in building strong relationships and encouraging students to grow in every area of learning. By providing safe, healthy, creative, engaging, and challenging teaching strategies, students will have the best learning outcomes. My fundamental belief is that ALL students can learn. I also believe that with a positive attitude, a growth mindset, and good character, challenges can be overcome. I strive to instill these qualities in students as well as model the expectations to serve as a positive role model. 

The high school years are important and critical times for students. Teachers, staff, and administration are here to prepare students for their adult journey. At Chowchilla High, we set expectations and strive to help students reach their maximum potential. Each student is unique and comes with their own goals and expectations, and our mission is to help them meet and exceed those expectations. Teachers, staff, and administration set Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLR’s) through the implementation of TRIBE PRIDE:

1). Technology User - Who become technologically literate and acquire vocational skills. 

2). Responsible Citizen - Who behave in a proactive, ethical, respectful, and patriotic manner.

3). Independent Learners - Who set dynamic goals to answer their challenges of tomorrow.

4). Broadminded Thinkers - Who critically identify and solve problems to create and support intellectual work.

5). Effective Communicators - Who speak, listen, read, and write proficiently.

At Chowchilla High, we believe these essential skills will prepare our students for the 21st Century and will be ready to become productive, caring, and successful citizens who will make the world a better place. 

In order for your child to receive an optimal learning experience and enriching and challenging academic instruction, my goal as Assistant Principal is to provide leadership that will facilitate and promote a school environment that is welcoming, fun, safe, and respectable. 

I am confident that our school will continue to be a place where our students can grow academically and socially. I am looking forward to the possibilities that this school year will bring and extremely proud to be part of CUHSD. GO TRIBE! 

Director of Educational Services  
Carrie Harkreader

Dear Students, Parents and Guardians

Hello, I am Carrie Harkreader, the Director of Educational Services and I am proud to be a part of the Chowchilla High School District where we strive to prepare all students to be college, career, work, and job ready.  I have 31 years of experience in education; I have worked with students as both a teacher, Associate Principal and Principal.  I enjoy the challenges of education, working with teachers, parents and students, and the opportunity to help all students succeed in school.

The Educational Services Department provides innovative and relevant services to meet the needs of students to ensure they become lifelong, independent learners, effective communicators and technology literate.  As you know, we are providing Distance Learning this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic and are working to ensure all students receive the same rigorous instruction they receive in the classroom and teachers receive the training and resources they need to provide excellent instruction.