Front Office

The Front Office at Chowchilla High School is here to make sure your student is ready to learn.  All information needed for your student to be successful can be found here.  Below are the administrators and office staff that will make sure your student is ready to be successful here at Chowchilla High School.
Principal Assistant Principal
Ryan Stockton Dora Medina-Brum
Ryan Stockton
559-665-1331 ext. 2206
Dora Medina-Brum
559-665-1331 ext. 2209
 Secretary to the Principal Front Office Clerk - Student Bills, Public Notices, Calendar
Mrs. Romeri Mrs. VanTassel 
Shiela Romeri
559-665-1331 ext. 2201
Jennifer VanTassel
559-665-1331 ext. 2221
 Front Office Clerk - Independent Study, Short Term Absences,  Weekly Grade Checks   
Mrs. Rodriguez  
Laura Rodriguez
559-665-1331 ext. 2203